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What is Tex Mex?

Our cuisine, Tex-Mex, originated with the Tejanos as a hybrid of Spanish and native Mexican foods when Texas was part of New Spain and later, Mexico. It comes from the Rio Grande Valley, and has little variation from the earliest times when it was influenced by the cooking of the northern states of Mexico. It is characterized by its heavy use of meat, beans, and spices in addition to Mexican-style tortillas. A Tejano herself, the daughter of migrant workers, Paula spent a lot of time following the crop’s seasons from state to state. Fond memories of visiting a small restaurant with her mother, where she liked to order enchiladas, is where she found her inspiration for her Tex-Mex cooking. Cooking being a passion deep in Paula’s roots, both her father and grandfather, were in the restaurant business.

In 1957, Paula married Conrado Dominguez in the small town of La Feria, Texas, where they were both born and raised. With work being scarce, Conrado and Paula confided in Paulas sister, who resided in Veyo Utah, about their situation. After careful consideration, in 1963, the couple and their two young children, packed up and moved to Utah’s “Dixie”, Saint George. What started as thoughtful gestures, Paula would prepare her traditional Tex-Mex dishes for family and friends. As the word spread, it wasn’t long before she was filling orders from her kitchen and catering personal parties. In the mean time, she was working at the Desert Kitchen, a local favorite, when her boss suggested that she make her style of Mexican food three times a week. Accepting her boss invitation to introduce her culture, she gladly accepted.

Overwhelmed with the success at the Desert Kitchen, in 1973, Conrado and Paula, decided to open their own restaurant. They named it after her first name, in which she was known by so well. Starting out with only six items on the menu, Conrado and Paula, along with their two children, opened the doors. Since then the location has moved three times to accommodate the crowd that came to love the flavor of her style of Mexican cuisine. After thirty-five years, Conrado and Paula's family have kept these traditions alive. With a hacienda style and a view that overlooks the red hills of Utah’s “Dixie”, you can enjoy things such as fresh guacamole and the home made salsa. “Tejano como tu”